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Nursery Plants


Our Vision

Creating a sustainable future using fermentation 



Launched at April 2022, YDLabs is the FIRST Foodtech fermentation pilot facility in Israel.

We are fermentation enthusiastic, specialized in process development and optimization from an idea level to 1000L scale-up.


Our technical team has over 70 of years of fermentation experience, specifically on Foodtech, which allows us to deal with the trickiest projects at the best way.
This focus is what makes us so good at what we do, and allows us to provide not only a comprehensive range of services, but also at the highest quality.

Our Mission

Make fermentation processes globally accessible, cost-effective, and user-friendly for every valuable concept, whether it's within a startup, a company, or a research endeavor.

Our Team
Ariel Blumovich, Chief Executive Officer

Ariel Blumovich

Chief Executive Officer

Ariel is a seasoned executive with over 17 years of healthcare and FoodTech experience in various management positions, in companies such as Samsung, Teva, Sanofi and Enzymotec. Ariel is the founder of YDL Ventures- a biotech advisory firm supporting pharma R&D projects.


Ariel owns a B.Sc in Mechanical Eng. from the Israeli Technion, and an MBA from Tuck Business School at Dartmouth.

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Hila Hadad, Chief Clients Officer

Hila Hadad

Chief Clients Officer

Hila Hadad is highly experienced in operations and purchasing processes in the healthcare industry. Hila's professional experience include managing projects in the engineering, chemical and tourism industries, as well as entrepreneurship projects in the wellness industry.

Hila owns a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering from the Israeli Technion.

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riziq background_edited.jpg

Riziq Abu Sini

Project Engineering Manager


Riziq is an experienced bio-process engineer in the fermentation industry. He is an expert in leading, defining & driving biotechnological end to end R&D processes including USP & DSP, as well as building & implementing procedures with analytical methods.

He holds a B.Sc. in Biotechnology Engineering, focused on biotech anatomy from Ort Braude Academic College.

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Moti Rebhun, Chief Technology Officer

Moti Rebhun, PhD.

Chief Technology Officer

Moti Rebhun has over 25 years of experience in fermentation process development, scale-up, separation and purification of fermentation-based proteins, enzymes, small molecules and others. Previously Moti was Hadassa's fermentation Unit Head, and the CTO of various  companies such as Fermentek and Bio-Dalia. Moti is the founder of Israel's Fermentation Society.

Moti is an Agricultural Faculty graduate , and owns a masters degree from Tel Aviv University and a PhD from the Hebrew University and Haifa University.

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Michael Spevak no background_edited.jpg

MIchael Spervak

Head of Downstream,  MSc.


Michael is an experienced manufacturing engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the veterinary and biopharmaceutical industry.
Skilled in Pharmaceutics, Vaccines, Biotechnology, Cell Culture, and Research and Development (R&D). He is a strong operations professional with a Master of Science focused on biotechnology from the Moscow Institute of Chemical Technology.

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בן שלום לא רקע.png

Ben Shalom

Legal Advisor


Advocate Ben Shalom, an attorney at law, is our Legal Advisor.

Mr. Shalom is the founder and managing partner at Shalom & Co. Law Firm, providing legal services and advice. Adv. Shalom has more than a decade of experience in M&As and international commercial agreements, focusing on intellectual property and joint ventures.

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Yoni Manor, PhD, Chief Operations Officer

Yoni Manor, PhD.

Chief Operations Officer

Yoni Manor has over 15 years of experience in the food & pharma sectors, of which 10 years at Enzymotec. During his tenure Yoni held the COO position at Enzymotec's US-based medical- food company, and afterwards Enzymotec's Plant Manager. 

In recent years Yoni had initiated and managed several young start-ups in medical fields.

Yoni holds a B.Sc. in Material Engineering and a Ph.D in Physical Chemistry from the Israeli Technion.

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May Avital

Business Development Manager, Msc.

May is an environmental activist with a specialization in food security. She is the founder of the community fridge in Beer Sheva, which aims to reduce food waste while strengthening the community, and of the FoodTech community at Ben Gurion University (BGU), dedicated to promoting alternative proteins and a sustainable food system.


She holds a B.Sc. and an M.Sc. in environmental biotechnology engineering, with a focus on plastic biodegradation, in the honors program at BGU.

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