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Private, Fully-Equipped Lab (image: lab equipment)

Process Development & Process Optimization

YDLabs provides process development and process optimization services, USP & DSP up to 1,000 L. 

FEE PER SERVICE ONLY!  No IP, royalties or equity.

The list of equipment can be found in Our Labs page, and include (not only):

  • 3 X 7.5L Eppendorf BioFLo120 Fermenters, surrounded by all relevant lab equipment for a full process development

  • 80 L Fermentor

  • 300 L Fermentor

  • 1,000 L Fermentor

  • Centrifuges- continuous (20,000g), Sorvall , Benchtop Centrifuges (1.5L/cycle) and more

  • Micro and Ultrafiltration System

  • Freeze Dryer

  • Analytical Equipment, including SDS-Page, western and more

  • Other equipment for a thorough process development

Click here to see our downstream equip.

Click here to see our labs

With tens of years of experience, YDLabs technical team is led by our CTO, Dr. Moti Rebhun., who has a long mileage of precision and biomass fermentation experience in both process development and process optimization.

Scale-Up Suite (Image: Lab equipment)

Scale-Up Suite

We provide USP/DSP scale up service through our 80L, 300L & 1,000L fermenters, together with adjacent centrifuges, our ultrafiltration system, dryers and analytics.

Through that, we provide the full service for scaling-up existing processes. By the end of the process we provide, other than the actual outcome, a thorough SOP which enables our clients to move forward to demo/production scales.

Process Development Expert (Image: woman scientist)

Remote Work

There is no need from our clients to be in the lab whatsoever- just send us your process and materials (if needed) and we will take it from there:

  • Remote monitoring- our fermenters can be monitored remotely, which enables our clients to get online information on their development process and progress from anywhere in the world

  • Constant updates- we discuss the progress and results of each project with our clients at least once a week, through video-call or any other method our clients prefer. Through such calls we confirm moving forward with the same direction, or whether the client which to make changes according to the latest results. Through a discussion with our technical experts, we determine the best way for our clients to move forward towards a successful process

  • Courier Shipping- to receive back your materials, either through powder or liquid, you are in safe hands. We are working with top international couriers that constantly deliver sensitive materials. We will ship back and forth whatever is needed, under the most strict conditions.

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